Sunday, September 2, 2012

1 Sept 2012 Update

I have not heard from Brian much this past week.  On Monday I mailed him his wallet and a 30X II TI calculator only to find out he needs an 83.  I need to hunt that one down.  I'm certain he used this calculator the last two years.  Bank of America will not close an account that I am secondary on with him.  I logged in as him but his account is locked for using the wrong password too many times.  In any event I contacted the school so they will give him time to take care of this next week.   On August 30th Brian text me and asked me if I knew MG Tate.  I said, absolutely, he is a 2-star General in the JAG Corps and lives on Fort Belvoir.  Well later I found out this person he was referring to is MG Tait, a completely different person.   Brian is interested in meeting this General and hopes he gets the opportunity.  Yes, just out of the blew he texts and asks if I know this General and he hopes to meet him.  Well that is good news, that he is actually interested in meeting this Major General.  MG Tait is the step-father of the Head of School at MMA.

Brian started his classes on Wednesday and have spent the rest of the week getting acclimated to the academic routine and the activities after class.  Next week I will obtain a log on for Edline so I can see how he is doing in classes.  Edline is used by Courtland High School and Island Pacific Academy in Hawaii so this will be good resource to see his assignments and grades.

I've called and text'd him several times today and only got one response that his first soccer game is Thursday.  I told him I planned on being there and bringing his prescription glasses.  Glasses are just for the classroom.  Hopefully he can keep track of them.

Other than this that's all I know about his week.  He does have free time 6:30pm-7:45pm and on weekend.

Here is the first newsletter from MMA.

August 31, 2012
Dear MMA Parents,
Classes have started, cadets are all (just about) in uniform, and the routines and rhythms are coming together.  It’s going to be a great year.
I’d like to ask a favor.  Please reply to this email – to verify that MMA has your correct address.
Here’s some fun news!  At the end of summer school, we announced that a DVD would soon be available for purchase ($25), highlighting all the impressive performances and activities of summer 2012.  Music (and Marketing) Director Sarajane Trier has produced a wonderful piece – and it’s available now FREE via a YouTube link in the MMA Facebook page.  So please visit the MMA Facebook page and be sure to “Comment,” “Share” the post to your own Wall, and “Like” it!  Every Facebook page “Share” and “Like” helps push MMA to the front in on-line searches for schools, which means helping us recruit and enroll more great kids like yours!  

Upcoming MMA Major Events
Friday, September 21  
1 – 3 p.m.   Meet the Teachers   
Enjoy putting names and faces (and emails) together with your cadet’s teachers .  (Full conferences October 19, after the first grading period.)
4 p.m.   Home Football Game vs. Covenant School (Charlottesville, VA)
Saturday, September 22
1 p.m.   MMA Cadet Battalion marches in the Edinburg Ole Time Festival Parade

Friday and Saturday, October 12-13
Homecoming (Alumni) Weekend
                3:30 p.m. Friday football game at Fishburne Military School
Friday, October 19  
Parent –Teacher Conferences as scheduled, 1-5 p.m.    

Sports Seasons Start!
Football team opens tonight at Quantico High School.
Soccer and Volleyball teams open Thursday, September 6, at home against Staunton School.
Schedules are posted on the website.  (let me know if you have difficulty downloading them.)

Weekend Leaves
A challenge at any boarding school is helping teenagers get fully acclimated to new routines, expectations, and relationships – and sometimes just overcoming homesickness.  The best way to help is to encourage them to stay on campus with their new friends.  Trotting home every weekend can impede progress significantly. 

So, we ask parents to join us in keeping cadets here on the weekends – at least for the first grading period.  Rather than drive home-to-MMA-and-back twice on a weekend, consider driving to MMA and visiting your cadet on campus, or go to dinner in Woodstock.  You’ll (we’ll) be glad you did, in the long run.  (The first Friday departures for new cadets should be after Parent-Teacher Conferences October 19.)  

That said, please know that all cadets must participate in the Edinburg Parade (September 22) and Homecoming (October 12-13).   

When the time does arrive for weekend leaves, cadets must submit their “Leave request” forms by Wednesday evening before a Friday departure.

Another email in the days ahead will explain details about NetClassroom, which allows parents online access to their cadets’ grades.
Questions?  Call or write!
Go, Colonels!
Craig Jones
R. Craig Jones
Head of School
Massanutten Military Academy
Fresh Starts for Future Servant-Leaders

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