Sunday, August 26, 2012

Report Day - August 25th

We finally got out the door for our 2 hr drive to MMA.  We arrived at the academy at 10:30 and Brian checked in at registration and received his checklist to in-process.  Although I recommended he show up in his PT uniform (shorts and shirt) he chose not to, of course.  After he ran into the Head Master for the second time he decided to go to the car and change.  Brian was immediately greeted by the other cadets that he met over the summer and all welcomed him back.  One of our stops was with Academics/Registrar and it agreed upon that his first semester schedule will be:  Algebra II, US Govt, English 11, Chemistry, Spanish III, SAT Prep and the required JROTC class - LET II.  Leadership Education Training.  These classes will earn him the advanced diploma, which is geared toward college prep.   I think this should keep him busy, don't you?  For the first six weeks he is enrolled in the Learning Support program.  Counselors offer tutoring, study skills, introduce and maintain a planner and ongoing communication with parents.  LSP goes hand-in-hand with the 1.5 hr mandatory study time after dinner.

I text him that evening to see what he was doing and no answer.  I called again since he does not have voicemail set up and he answered laughing and carry-on with his friends.  So that was a good sign. He told me he would be moving to another room on Sunday, and that he needed a trash can.  Go figure.  That is not something you can really mail.  His first soccer game is Sept 6th at 4:30 so I plan to bring it to him then.

He got his room and one other cadet helped him carry his stuff upstairs, which was so nice that I didn't have to take it three flights of stairs of building that was built in 1907.   While they were doing that I was able to speak with the dorm supervisor and he mentioned that there would be a barracks meeting Sunday morning and squad leaders would be assigned.  We went upstairs and as I was leaving the barrack's supervisor said "Brian since you've been here and know your way around I'll be looking for some squad leaders".  Brian said, I can do that I was supply sergeant during the summer.  I said to myself 1) he can barely keep track of himself let alone 5 or 6 other people and 2) taking care of the supply closet is much different than herding cats.

If anyone wants to write a postcard, send any snacks, or anything his address is:
Cadet Brian Spence
614 S. Main Street
Woodstock, VA 22664

His cell phone privileges/free time will be 6:30pm-7:45pm and Sat PM and all day Sunday.  He has a new cell number, just email me if you don't have it and would like to have it.

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